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Web Design and Site Hosting

The addage in real estate is "location, location, location." At Symbitech, our online design motto is "content, content, content." Are we aware of aesthetics? Navigation ease? Cross-platform mechanics and an eye-pleasing palette? Yes. Keenly aware. What your viewers read on your site, however, is what they will remember. It is that to which they react and respond.

We offer complete solutions to:

1. Help you energize your web presence style and message.
2. Craft the artwork and cleanly code the information.
3. Load and carefully maintain the site on an appropriate hosting platform (we're very cloud savvy).
4. Update and evolve the web presence as you see fit.

All within a framework of disciplined project management.

Symbitech offers the highest degree, state-of-the-art hosting services:
A wide-range of server choices | daily data backup security | e-mail accounts | domain consulting and registration | multiple OC3 and OC12 connections | e-commerce | SSL secure servers | turnkey website maintenance and management | database consulting and design.

Sales Consulting and Coaching

Sales and selling.
As critical to your business as your product or service. But the selling process is frequently misunderstood.
IBM understood. Xerox did too. Google gets it. Say what you will, but the proof is in the history of the early growth of these companies. The CEOs were sales-driven.

Symbitech helps your sales group refine its message, making its impact more effective.

We offer specific recommendations for improvement in areas including:
  • More strategically, effectively, qualifing prospective customers.
  • Cold-call research, planning and presentation.
  • Face-to-face winning techniques.
  • Professional follow-up skills, including utilizing social media most effectively.

These and other proven techniques, focused on one objective: closing the client and keeping the client interested for future business.

Traditional Media Promotion Production

Key to any business or organization is keeping its message in front of the marketplace.
Along with a web presence - brochures, product sheets, press releases and public relations packages are essential to successful selling and business-building.
Symbitech excels at blending your online and traditional messages into an outstanding theme. We do so with a compelling, focused, winning style. This includes print design and media contact management.


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